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mongolian's chocolayt
The Mongols' official website (still under construction) > http://mongolian_chocolayt.tripod.com/

daydream cycle
Bogs & Jerome's other musical escapade > http://ddcycle.tripod.com

over 18: the ely buendia fansite
Dizzy's solo flight > http://elybuendia.tripod.com

circus: the eraserheads tribute mailing list
Dizzy's x-band's list site/fansite > http://schizo-archives.com/circus

pulp magazine
One of the 1st music mags/webzines to feature The Mongols > http://www.pulpcommunity.com./vocab.html

The #1 Pinoy music source on the web! > http://www.philmusic.com

schizo's the shadow cabinet
This site webmaster's domain > http://www.schizo-archives.com




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